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Parliamentary question - E-003995/2017Parliamentary question

Agricultural budget for the next financial period

Question for written answer E-003995-17
to the Commission
Rule 130
Tibor Szanyi (S&D)

Most would agree that the legislation governing the common agricultural policy (CAP) needs to be simplified and reduced. The reason that the legislation is so complex at present is that all Member States and political parties in the EU, along with the organisations that lobby them, have their own interests. At the same time, new political challenges are presenting themselves, such as the migration crisis, terrorism, and the recently announced intention to cut the agricultural and rural development budget.

1. How will it realistically be possible to simplify the CAP while catering to the needs of all Member States, which, in some cases, enjoy individual derogations from the common rules?

2. Can the Commission confirm that it is committed to ensuring that the agricultural budget for the next financial period will be at least as large as the budget for the current period?