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Parliamentary question - E-004137/2017Parliamentary question

70 Years of lasting peace

Question for written answer E-004137-17
to the Commission
Rule 130
Beatrix von Storch (EFDD)

The Commission has a timeline infographic showing when there has been war or peace in Europe. There is an EU flag over the date of the Treaty of Rome. The infographic also proclaims the following: ‘70 years of peace’.

The infographic claims that the EU is responsible for 70 years of peace in Europe.

This is highly misleading, given the wars in the Balkans, the wars fought by Member States (albeit not against one another), and the fact that the EU was not founded until 1993.

Is the Commission really claiming that there have been 70 years of peace in Europe?

If not, is the Commission claiming that Member States have not fought any external wars, i.e. wars against non-EU countries?

How would this infographic change if two existing Member States had fought a war during the 70 years of peace but were not members of the EU during the conflict?