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Parliamentary question - E-007648/2017Parliamentary question

European Medicines Agency

Question for written answer E-007648-17
to the Council
Rule 130
Patrizia Toia (S&D) , Elisabetta Gardini (PPE)

Press reports have indicated that the temporary headquarters for the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam will not be ready by March 2019.

Whereas the Commission had to provide information to Member States in order for them to make an informed decision, and trusted the statements of the Netherlands committing to deliver a permanent headquarters by April 2019;

Whereas these commitments will not be fulfilled, causing inconvenience, additional costs to the Agency and repercussions for citizens’ right to health, and obstacles to business continuity, which were the main criteria in the choice of location;

Whereas the allocation procedure provided for an opinion of the Commission and the full decision-making power of the Council, and whereas the jurisdiction of the Member states’ representatives at the Council has no legal basis, being recognised only by a non-binding common agreement;

Whereas the decision was taken by the Presidency of the Council in camera, by drawing lots, without guarantees or transparency;

The Council is asked: