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Parliamentary questions
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15 May 2018
Answer given by Mr Mimica on behalf of the Commission
Question reference: E-001084/2018

As of 6 April 2018, the resources made available to the EU Trust Fund for Africa (The Trust Fund) amount to EUR 3.39 billion including EUR 2.98 from the European Development Fund and the EU Budget and EUR 409 million from EU Member States and other donors.

29% of approved programmes focus on improved migration management. In this area, strategic priorities of the Trust Fund approved by the Board in 2017 include: supporting migration dialogues with partner countries to prevent irregular migration and facilitating better migration management, assisted voluntary returns (mainly from Libya and Niger) and sustainable reintegration upon arrival; supporting stability and security, resilience and access to basic services; preventing trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants; improving migration governance. The EU's support to Niger has been central to its efforts to decrease the number of irregular migrants transiting through Agadez. The numbers have decreased from 340 per day on average in 2016 to 40-50 per day in 2017.

The Trust Fund is implementing a Joint Initiative with the International Organisation for Migration covering 14 countries for EUR 140 million aimed at strengthening migration management, providing protection measures (57 800 persons), assisted voluntary return (23 900) and reintegration (21 600) as well as sensitisation on the risks of irregular migration to (more than 200 000) vulnerable migrants along the Central Mediterranean Route. In addition, EUR 95 million within a protection programme(1) have been adopted in February 2018 with the aim to provide assistance, voluntary return and reintegration to additional 15 000 migrants stranded in Libya, as committed by the EU in the framework of the Joint Taskforce.

So far over 19 500 stranded and vulnerable migrants received protection support and were assisted in their voluntary return, mainly from Libya and Niger. More than 27 200 returnees received reintegration assistance, including returns with support from third party projects. African Union Member States assisted voluntary humanitarian return of 5 278 vulnerable migrants from Libya (Niger — 3 119, Nigeria — 2 140, DRC — 19).


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