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Parliamentary questions
PDF 104kWORD 18k
28 February 2018
Question for written answer E-001226-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Pina Picierno (S&D) , Andrea Cozzolino (S&D) , Patrizia Toia (S&D) , Cécile Kashetu Kyenge (S&D) , Luigi Morgano (S&D) , Renata Briano (S&D) , Brando Benifei (S&D) , Elena Gentile (S&D) , Isabella De Monte (S&D) , Alessia Maria Mosca (S&D) , Damiano Zoffoli (S&D) , Silvia Costa (S&D) , Daniele Viotti (S&D) , Enrico Gasbarra (S&D) , Paolo De Castro (S&D)

 Subject:  Security in Mexico and the new Global Agreement
 Answer in writing 

Three Italian citizens recently went missing in Mexico: Raffaele Russo (60 years old), his son Antonio (25) and his nephew Vincenzo Cimmino (29). They were in Tecalitlán, a small town 700 km from Mexico City. The last sign of them was on 31 January 2018 when, it seems, they were approached by several policemen who ordered them to follow them. There has been no news from them since then.

On 24 February, four police officers were arrested in connection with the Italians’ disappearance. According to the prosecuting authorities, the officers had sold them for MXN 1 000 (around EUR 44) to a powerful cartel in the area, Jalisco Nueva Generación.

Disappearances of that kind are not new in Mexico, and other Italians and Europeans have been victims of them in the past.

In the light of the above:
1. What guarantees can be given to EU citizens who will visit Mexico for business, presumably in even greater numbers than today, once the new Global Agreement enters into force?
2. Have measures and actions been set out in the new agreement on rights and security in trade between the EU and Mexico? If so, what are they?
Original language of question: IT 
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