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Parliamentary question - E-001890/2018Parliamentary question

Doubts regarding the connection between the Open Dialog Foundation (ODF) and the Russian Federation vs. the Transparency Register

Question for written answer E-001890-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Kosma Złotowski (ECR)

Lobbyists have free access to the European Parliament due to permanent passes issued by the European Commission (EC) through the Transparency Register.

By issuing a pass to an individual, the EC certifies that the person is trustworthy. One of the people who has been awarded this pass is Lyudmyla Kozlovska — the President of the Open Dialog Foundation (807840314371-39) registered in the Transparency Register.

Although the ODF officially supports democracy and human rights, Lyudmila Kozlovska was granted a Russian passport in 2014, i.e. after the annexation of Crimea. Moreover, the Foundation and its sponsors are suspected of having connections with Russia, including with entities connected with the Russian Navy.

Given that the European Parliament is a place where lots of sensitive information is available and where European law is made, such connections should raise certain concerns. Therefore, can the Commission say:

Last updated: 12 April 2018
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