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18 April 2018
Question for written answer E-002189-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Andreas Schwab (PPE) , Carlos Coelho (PPE) , Daniel Dalton (ECR) , Christofer Fjellner (PPE) , Dieter-Lebrecht Koch (PPE) , Antonio López-Istúriz White (PPE) , Marian-Jean Marinescu (PPE) , Pavel Telička (ALDE) , Wim van de Camp (PPE)

 Subject:  Public procurement for the Gronda di Genova bypass project
 Answer in writing 

Investment in transport infrastructure is an important tool for improving European competitiveness. Tourism in the north of Italy, for example, may stand to benefit greatly from the Gronda di Genova bypass project. As regards public procurement however, the Italian Government has notified the Commission of a plan to prolong existing concessions by four years without a prior public tender.

The government argues that there is already a rightful concessionaire for the Genoa bypass. However, the Gronda di Genova project is completely new and will involve the construction of an additional motorway, which will entail more connections and higher costs, among other issues. The project should therefore be tendered and conceded anew.

Furthermore, for the original bypass there was no single concessionaire, but a series of individual concessions, which were granted to different companies at various times before being consolidated in one single contract. Extending all concessions now would mean a general extension of 17 motorways but no actual tender process.

1. Is this procedure in line with EU public procurement directives?

2. What does the Commission intend to do about these plans, which represent one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe?

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