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Parliamentary questions
PDF 6kWORD 18k
27 April 2018
Question for written answer E-002360-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Daniel Caspary (PPE) , Werner Kuhn (PPE) , Dieter-Lebrecht Koch (PPE) , Jens Gieseke (PPE) , David McAllister (PPE) , Peter Jahr (PPE) , Markus Ferber (PPE) , Monika Hohlmeier (PPE) , Peter Liese (PPE) , Markus Pieper (PPE) , Karl-Heinz Florenz (PPE) , Birgit Collin-Langen (PPE) , Angelika Niebler (PPE) , Dennis Radtke (PPE) , Thomas Mann (PPE) , Burkhard Balz (PPE) , Hermann Winkler (PPE) , Axel Voss (PPE) , Sabine Verheyen (PPE) , Christian Ehler (PPE) , Norbert Lins (PPE) , Reimer Böge (PPE) , Elmar Brok (PPE) , Andreas Schwab (PPE) , Werner Langen (PPE) , Albert Deß (PPE) , Rainer Wieland (PPE)

 Subject:  EU eco-label for fishery and aquaculture products
 Answer in writing 

The common fisheries policy (CFP) should ensure that fishing and aquaculture activities contribute to long-term environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

There are a number of eco-labels which are concentrated on a few EU markets and products. Compared globally with other sectors, eco-labels for fishery and aquaculture products have no particular stand-out characteristics.

On 18 May 2016, the Commission submitted a report to Parliament and the Council on options for awarding eco-labels for fishery and aquaculture products. Based on a study analysing existing eco-labels and a public consultation, the Commission put forward three options for measures which might be taken.

One suggestion was the introduction of an EU-wide system for awarding eco-labels for fishery and aquaculture products. The Commission did not follow up any of the options.

1. Is the idea of an EU eco-label for fishery and aquaculture products being followed up?

2. Will this be the subject of a specific legislative proposal?

3. If not, what alternatives are being explored?

Original language of question: DE 
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