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Parliamentary question - E-004084/2018(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Answer given by Mr Arias Cañete on behalf of the European Commission

    The Commission considers that Nord Stream 2 does not contribute to the EU's energy policy objectives such as energy security or diversification of supplies and for that reason does not support its construction.

    However, the Commission is not in a position to prohibit the construction of individual infrastructure projects. The Commission actively supports the creation of competitive, secure and well-diversified gas markets, which are the best guarantee that gas supplies are not used in an anti-competitive and politicized manner.

    The Commission insists that Nord Stream 2, if built, should be operated in accordance with Union energy law. To this end and to clarify the legal framework, the Commission has adopted a proposal for an amendment of the Gas Directive[1]. This amendment will render the current EU energy acquis applicable to all gas interconnectors with third countries.

    Moreover, interconnected gas grids and access to a diversified portfolio of gas sources are vital for energy security of supply. The EU's trans-European network policy and the projects of common interest (PCIs) provide the policy framework to this end.

    The 3rd Union list of PCIs, adopted in autumn 2017, identified 54 gas projects, including e.g. the Southern Gas Corridor that will allow the EU to access gas in the Caspian Basin and the Baltic Pipe that will deliver gas from Norway via Denmark to Poland. PCIs benefit from streamlined permitting procedures, regulatory incentives and, under certain conditions, EU financial support.

    Last updated: 24 September 2018
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