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Parliamentary question - E-004772/2018(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Mr Andriukaitis on behalf of the European Commission

The Commission takes note of the figures from the Spanish National Committee for Preventing Tobacco Addiction presented by the Honourable Member.

The Tobacco Products Directive[1] lays down rules for tobacco and related products placed on the EU market. Article 20 of the directive introduces a regulatory framework for electronic cigarettes with a focus on safety, quality, consumer protection and information as well as data collection[2].

The directive does not however harmonise all aspects of electronic cigarettes or refill containers (e.g. rules on flavours and nicotine-free refill liquids are of national competence).

The Commission continuously monitors developments related to e-cigarettes, including emerging scientific evidence. This information will contribute to the implementation report on the Tobacco Products Directive that the Commission is required to submit in 2021, in line with Article 28(1) of the directive.

The Commission facilitates information exchanges and best practices, assessment of data and is working with Member States for example in the Expert Group on Tobacco Policy, Subgroup on Electronic Cigarettes and in the context of a Joint Action on Tobacco Control.

The Commission does not currently undertake educational awareness-raising campaigns and does not foresee activity in this area.

Last updated: 26 November 2018
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