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Parliamentary questions
PDF 104kWORD 18k
21 November 2018
Answer given by Mr Vella on behalf of the European Commission
Question reference: E-005050/2018

1. The Commission responded on 1 August 2018 to objections raised by the Mayor of Kahl am Main by correspondence dated 4 June and 23 July 2018. It informed the Mayor that the classification is based on data(1) provided by the competent German authority(2) to the European Commission and the European Environment Agency through the regular annual reporting exercise for the 2017 bathing season.

The data submitted for Freigericht-Ost Lake (DEBY PR_AB_0004) contained information on bathing water identification and the observed values for 2017. No information was communicated during the reporting exercise on short-term pollution(3) or abnormal situations(4) for this particular bathing water site.

2.-3. The European Commission and the European Environment Agency stress that the classification was done in line with the assessment period foreseen in Article 4 of the Bathing Water Directive(5) — namely the 2017 bathing season and the three preceding bathing seasons. The calculations based on the samples of the last four bathing seasons showed higher concentration values than the ‘sufficient’ values set out in Annex I, column D, of the Bathing Water Directive: this is why that bathing water has been classified as ‘poor’. The four-year assessment period set in the directive helps to lower the probability of misclassification of bathing waters and ensures a high level of human health protection, which is the directive’s main goal.

(1)The data reported by Germany, there included that for See Freigericht Ost (ID Code: DEBY PR_AB_0004), is available in the Eionet Central Data Repository at: http://cdr.eionet.europa.eu/de/eu/bwd/bwd_531/envwjiuaa
(2)http://rod.eionet.europa.eu/contacts?roleId=extranet-bwd-data-de (list of Bathing Water reporters for Germany)
(5)Directive 2006/7/EC, OJ L 64, 4.3.2006, p. 37‐51.

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