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Parliamentary question - E-005731/2018Parliamentary question

VP/HR — Discrimination against the Russian language in the Ukraine — what is the European Union doing?

Question for written answer E-005731-18
to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative)
Rule 130
Udo Voigt (NI)

The Ukraine (closely linked to the European Union due to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement) repeatedly violates international standards for the treatment of minorities in its language and minority populations policy, and therefore comes under constant criticism, e. g. from neighbouring Hungary.

At present, two measures from Ukrainian agencies are once again targeted at undermining the minority rights of Russian-speaking citizens of the Ukraine.

In September, Lviv’s council banned the public performance of any works in the Russian language. The ban affects films, songs, books, plays and concerts, amongst other works, in Russian. Earlier, the Ukraine banned around 40 medicines (!) from Russia or with Russian PILs and labels.

A no less serious case of discrimination was reported from eastern Ukraine: there, according to media reports, the municipal administration of Donezk wants to cancel Russian’s status as an official regional language.

Both measures flagrantly discriminate against the Russian-speaking minority in the Ukraine.

1. What has the European Union been doing to date to protest against the aforementioned measures by the Ukrainian authorities, and to make the Ukrainian government aware of this protest?

2. If the European Union has not done so at all, why not?

Last updated: 28 November 2018
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