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Parliamentary questions
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8 March 2019
Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the European Commission
Question reference: E-006103/2018

1. Concerning funds managed directly by the Commission, no beneficiary entity could be identified — and, accordingly, no corresponding payment has been found — in the Commission's central accounting system as potential recipient matching the designation in the question(1).

Concerning the payments from funds where management is shared with Member States (Financial Regulation, Article 58.1(b)) or regarding indirect management (Financial Regulation, Article 58.1(c)) it is the cooperating partners (especially Member States) which provide information on beneficiaries of EU funds(2).

2. The EU entered into an Association Agreement with Israel in 2000. The respect for human rights and democratic principles are an essential element of the Agreement. As for dual-use items, when the EU provides funding to research projects it requires assurance that the proposal does not concern the development, production or use of any dual-use items, technologies or software and, as appropriate, ensures compliance with the relevant controls. An optional article (Article 37.3) stating that ‘non-compliance with Regulation 428/2009 constitutes breach of contract’ is included in the Grant Agreement of relevant projects.

3. Human rights, privacy and data protection are at the very heart of EU policies, including the EU Framework Programmes Horizon 2020 and the future Horizon Europe. The Commission proposal has provisions guaranteeing a focus on civil applications, and therefore dual-use technology, including software applications, can be funded under specific conditions.

All actions carried out under the framework Programme shall comply with ethical principles and relevant national, Union and international legislation(3).

(1)The Commission recommends to consult its Financial Transparency System (FTS) website where users can perform searches on the basis of several criteria, i.e. the name of beneficiary. The database concerns funds managed directly by the Commission and provides information on identified beneficiaries of funding from 2007 onwards.
(2)See more on http://ec.europa.eu/contracts_grants/beneficiaries_en.htm
(3)Including also the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU and the European Convention on Human Rights and its Supplementary Protocols.

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