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Parliamentary questions
PDF 44kWORD 19k
16 April 2019
Question for written answer E-001851-19
to the Commission
Rule 130
Dario Tamburrano (EFDD) , Fabio Massimo Castaldo (EFDD) , Laura Agea (EFDD)

 Subject:  Impact of intensive hazelnut cultivation
 Answer in writing 

Special protection areas IT6010057 and IT6010055 concern Lake Vico and Lake Bolsena in the Lazio region. Their catchment basins are intensive hazelnut-growing areas, which are estimated to cover some 1 000 and 500 hectares respectively, with the latter expanding even further.

The hazelnut cultivation is being done on a contract farming basis with a multinational(1). It is transforming the landscape(2), it is unrelated to the management of the protected areas and even when done outside those areas is having a significant impact on them as a result of the run-off of pesticides(3) and fertilisers leading to high levels of eutrophication.

The hazelnut cultivation is the subject of a programme agreement between the multinational behind it and the Lazio Region(4); the Umbria Region, in which part of the Lake Bolsena catchment basin is located, is providing financial incentives for it(5).

This suggests that, under Directives 92/43 and 2001/42, an assessment of implications and a strategic environmental assessment would be required; these have not, however, been carried out.

Can the Commission therefore say:
1. Whether it is aware of this situation;
2. Whether Italy, in relation to this specific situation, is appropriately implementing EU legislation as regards assessments of implications and strategic environmental assessment;
3. whether it intends to take any measures, or take a more in-depth look at the situation?

(3)Written questions E-001477/2019 and P-001627/2019.
(4)Regional Decree (DGR) No 228 of 19/05/2015.
(5)http://www.regione.umbria.it/la-regione/bandi?p_p_id=48_INSTANCE_murcPC6Xfznf&_48_INSTANCE_murcPC6Xfznf_iframe_fromExt=1&_48_INSTANCE_murcPC6Xfznf_iframe_codBando=2019-002-632; https://www.proagri.eu/news-pro-agri-citta-di-castello/161-nocciolo-arrivano-2,6-milioni-con-il-bando-regione-umbria.html

Original language of question: IT 
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