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Parliamentary question - E-001947/2019Parliamentary question

‘Homeopathic medicines’

Question for written answer E-001947-19
to the Commission
Rule 130
Philippe Juvin (PPE)

Directive 2001/83/EC on the Community code relating to medicinal products for human use regulates how ‘homeopathic’ medicines are marketed.

The efficacy of ‘homeopathic medicines’ has not been proven using the same criteria as applied to conventional medicines before they go on sale.

For this reason, it would seem fair to distinguish these ‘homeopathic medicines’ from medicines which have been approved for sale only after a rigorous scientific assessment. Such a distinction would better inform consumers about the different standards of safety and effectiveness required of each type of product.

Therefore, I recommend that the Commission make sure that the term ‘medicine’ can only be used to designate a health product whose effectiveness and safety have been proven, and that it consequently prohibits the term from being used to describe homeopathic products that claim to be ‘medicine’.

What does the Commission make of this proposal?

Last updated: 3 May 2019
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