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Parliamentary question - E-002898/2019(ASW)Parliamentary question


    As pointed out by the Honourable Member, the June 2019 Council Conclusions on Retention of Data for the Purpose of Fighting Crime summarise the progress made during the reflection process, which was launched in 2017 in order to analyse the requirements of the relevant case-law of the Court of Justice, in particular the TELE2 and DRI Judgments, and provide guidance for future work on the definition of possible solutions.

    The Council Conclusions stress that the use of data retention and similar investigative measures should be guided by the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms as enshrined in the EU Charter and the principles of purpose limitation, necessity and proportionality.

    Furthermore they specify that any legislative reforms at either national or European level should be compliant with the requirements of the EU Charter as interpreted by the Court of Justice. However the Council did not take a position on the issues raised by the Honourable Member. The Council, in accordance with Article 241 of the TFEU, requested the Commission to carry out a study on the issue of data retention.

    Last updated: 10 December 2019
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