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Parliamentary question - E-003728/2019Parliamentary question

Alarming increase in imports of grain into the EU

Question for written answer E-003728/2019
to the Commission
Rule 138
Daniel Buda (PPE)

Statistics just published by the European Crops Market Observatory make worrying reading for the EU grain trade. They showed that exports have decreased by 23%, while imports have increased by 56%. European exports of cereals to all countries of destination countries except Turkey in the year 2018-2019. According to the European Crops Market Observatory, sales to the Algerian market fell to 5 719 000 tonnes, or 6% below the average for the period 2013-2017, which was 6 060 000 tonnes.

Europe’s leading grain suppliers were France, Romania, Germany and Lithuania. Overall exports of European grain totalled 34 100 000 tonnes in 2018-2019. Romania accounted for 22% of that total. As regards imports of grain, Europe’s largest supplier in 2018/2019 was Ukraine, with 16 599 000 tonnes, followed by Brazil.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to discourage the wholesale import of grain to the EU when Member States can already meet the demand for grain there?



Last updated: 25 September 2020
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