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Parliamentary questions
PDF 46kWORD 10k
21 November 2019
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 138
Mara Bizzotto, Rosanna Conte, Matteo Adinolfi, Simona Baldassarre, Alessandra Basso, Anna Bonfrisco, Paolo Borchia, Marco Campomenosi, Massimo Casanova, Susanna Ceccardi, Angelo Ciocca, Gianantonio Da Re, Marco Dreosto, Gianna Gancia, Valentino Grant, Danilo Oscar Lancini, Elena Lizzi, Luisa Regimenti, Antonio Maria Rinaldi, Silvia Sardone, Annalisa Tardino, Isabella Tovaglieri, Lucia Vuolo, Stefania Zambelli, Marco Zanni, Alessandro Panza
 Answer in writing 
 Answer in writing 
 Subject: Disastrous flooding in Venice: urgent EU action required through deployment of the European Solidarity Fund and special funds

On 12 November 2019 a disastrous bad weather front swept in and battered the city of Venice, its lagoon and the Venetian coastline (Caorle, Jesolo, Bibione, Chioggia, Eraclea).

Extremely strong storms out at sea, very heavy rain and strong winds raised the water level to peaks of 187 centimetres above sea level, causing flooding in 80 % of the city itself.

Public and private property, infrastructure, commercial concerns, firms and businesses, important historic and religious sites, and symbolic buildings such as Saint Mark’s Basilica all suffered enormous damage totalling more than one billion euro.

The Municipality of Venice and the Veneto Regional Executive took prompt action to tackle the state of emergency, which was described by the Governor of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, as ‘total apocalyptic devastation’.

In view of the damage and dramatic repercussions of the flooding in Venice and the very many troubles endured by the population, and given that the city of Venice and its lagoon are a historic, cultural and architectural heritage unique in the world, and have been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site:

Will the Commission ensure Venice, the Veneto Region and the Italian Government are fully supported through the deployment as a matter of urgency of the European Solidarity Fund?

What other instruments and special funds will it arrange for this emergency and to protect Venice’s historic heritage and make the city safe?

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