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Parliamentary question - E-004080/2019(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Ms Johansson on behalf of the European Commission

Organised property crime is affecting the security of citizens. It is therefore one of the priorities of the 2018‐2021 EU Policy Cycle for organised and serious international crime. The aim is to tackle the threats posed by organised property crime through strengthening cooperation between Member States, EU institutions and third countries.

The activities in the EU Policy Cycle are complemented by projects co-funded by the Commission’s Internal Security Fund Police. The objective of the SPECTRE project is to identify, disrupt and dismantle mobile organised crime groups and criminal networks involved in burglaries, organised property crime and other related crimes. Acquisition of equipment necessary to achieve project’s objectives forms part of the project.

The project is led by the Gendarmerie Nationale in France, in cooperation with the Bundeskriminalamt in Germany and the Lietuvos Kriminalines Policijos Biuras in Lithuania, with the support of Europol. The Directia de Inv‐estigatii Criminale in Romania is a privileged partner of the project’s Steering Committee. Other Member States and third countries also get support thanks to their involvement in cross border investigations.

This project is still ongoing. Until now, high-tech cameras, high-tech drones, microphones, GPS tracking devices, jammer detectors and phone analysis software have been acquired for an amount of approximately EUR 228 000.

The product names as well as the names of the manufacturers cannot be disclosed for security reasons and reasons related to the successful achievement of project objectives targeting dismantling of mobile organised crime groups. The procured equipment is stored with all project partners (France, Germany, Lithuania and Romania).

According to the information provided by the project beneficiary, to date, 43 mobile organised crime groups have been dismantled leading to 450 arrested suspects and seizure of assets worth more than EUR 12 million in total.

Further information on the project is available on the dedicated website[1].

Last updated: 2 March 2020
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