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Parliamentary question - E-004459/2019Parliamentary question

Introduction of a European Union tax on kerosene

Question for written answer E-004459/2019
to the Commission
Rule 138
Karima Delli (Verts/ALE)

Kerosene is currently one of the only fossil fuels that remain untaxed. This raises crucial issues of climate justice, especially as the environmental impact of aviation, a rapidly growing industry, is constantly increasing.

The Commission has previously had a study carried out which showed that such a tax could raise EUR 27 billion per year, revenue that could finance alternatives to flying, including night trains.

The Vice-President in charge of the Green Pact for Europe has said that the Commission will soon propose the introduction of such a tax. The revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (2003/96/EC) which, according to the Green Pact for Europe, is planned for 2021 could give the Commission a convenient opportunity to introduce such a tax.


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