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Parliamentary question - E-000173/2020(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Ms Johansson on behalf of the European Commission

Europol has been using Palantir software for analysing operational data as part of Task Force ‘Fraternité’ in 2016 and since mid-2017 for the operational analysis of all counter terrorism related data.

Customised Palantir Gotham software is used at Europol as a tool for operational analysis, in particular for the visualisation of data sets and to identify new lines of investigation in support of the competent authorities in EU Member States and beyond. The product holds operational personal data in the context of counter-terrorism investigations and operations, processed in line with Europol’s applicable legal framework.

The processing of data in the Palantir software is only performed by duly authorised Europol staff, within a separated, highly protected operational environment.

Europol had an indirect contractual relationship with Palantir, which was a sub-contractor of Capgemini Nederland BV. This contractual relationship was based on a public tender, which was conducted as required by the procurement rules applicable to Europol.

The tender was completed in 2012, and the related framework contract was signed in December 2012. The maximum value of financial expenditure under the framework contract was EUR 7.5 million. The total value of the expenditure paid under the contract, including the respective services provided by the sub-contractor, was around EUR 4 million.

To our knowledge, no other agencies use Palantir software.

Last updated: 10 June 2020
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