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Parliamentary question - E-000858/2020Parliamentary question

Distortion of competition through a disparity in direct payments for farmers

Question for written answer E-000858/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Juozas Olekas (S&D)

Article 32(c) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that the Commission shall take care to avoid distorting conditions of competition between Member States. However, at present, income support through the common agricultural policy (CAP) can be up to six times greater for recipients in some Member States than in others.

The aim of the CAP direct payment system is to remunerate farmers for environmentally friendly farming and for delivering public goods that are not normally paid for by the markets. These practices require a comparable amount of work and costs across the EU. However, the costs are growing at a faster rate than the direct payments. Such extreme differences in CAP payments are tantamount to unequal remuneration for the same kind of work and effectively distort competition between the primary food producers in the different Member States.

How can the Commission justify this disparity? Have any comprehensive and comparative studies been undertaken to account for it?

Last updated: 25 September 2020
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