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Parliamentary question - E-001010/2020Parliamentary question

Guaranteed minimum prices for farm products

Question for written answer E-001010/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Kostas Papadakis (NI)

Protests are currently being organised by small farmers and stockbreeders whose major problems are being exacerbated by government policies constantly favouring big business interests over the needs of working people. This line of action, which is dictated also by the EU common agricultural policy, is driving small farmers to the wall even faster while stepping up the concentration of production into the hands of business groups and large farmers.

The farmers affected are making perfectly reasonable demands, such as fair minimum guaranteed returns that cover their costs, provide them with a subsistence income and prevent large wholesalers from forcing them to accept rock bottom ‘open market’ prices. However, the Government is rejecting their requests, invoking ‘market rules and free competition’.

What view does the Commission take of the Greek Government’s decision to reject demands for minimum guaranteed prices, while at the same time continuing to offer ‘guaranteed minimum corporate profits’ to renewable energy conglomerates, including providers of photovoltaic energy that comes with a guaranteed price tag, and to toll road concession companies, for example?

Last updated: 25 September 2020
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