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Parliamentary question - E-002013/2020Parliamentary question

    Adoption of ‘Corona bonds’ and emergency economic measures by the European Council

    Question for written answer E-002013/2020
    to the Council
    Rule 138
    Pernando Barrena Arza (GUE/NGL), Diana Riba i Giner (Verts/ALE)

    The lack of plans and of a strong solidarity-based response, given the refusal by some Member States to the issuing of ‘corona bonds’ — a joint debt instrument guaranteed by European countries on a mutual basis — as called for by eight Member States, has in the eyes of the European public called into question the need for an urgent and solidarity-based response to the social and economic effects of the pandemic. At its most recent plenary session, the European Parliament called for the adoption of solidarity-based emergency economic measures, criticising the delay in their adoption and calling for the debt to be mutualised.

    Last updated: 25 September 2020
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