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Parlamenti kérdés - E-002375/2020Parlamenti kérdés
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    Collusion and conflicts of interest regarding the Commission’s choice of BlackRock to draft a report

    Question for written answer  E-002375/2020
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Manuel Bompard (GUE/NGL), Anne-Sophie Pelletier (GUE/NGL), Manon Aubry (GUE/NGL), Leila Chaibi (GUE/NGL), Emmanuel Maurel (GUE/NGL), Younous Omarjee (GUE/NGL)

    On 8 April 2020, the Commission selected BlackRock to draft a report on the incorporation of environmental and social factors into banks’ supervisory mandates.

    It is well known that the asset manager lobbied European authorities intensely [1] , as evidenced by the reform of the pensions system promoted by the Commission.

    In June 2017, BlackRock’s CEO was received by President Macron; in March 2018 the CEO was received by France’s High Commissioner for Pensions; in June 2019 BlackRock advised the French Government on pension reform; and in January 2020 President Macron decorated the CEO of BlackRock’s French subsidiary. At the same time, BlackRock was advising the Commission on the creation of a pan-European individual retirement savings product, which was set up in 2019.

    Upon learning of this, the delegation of Parliament’s ‘La France Insoumise’ party became concerned that a company with 87 billion shares in fossil fuel companies would be advising the Commission on the environmental and social factors to be incorporated into banks’ supervisory mandates.

    Utolsó frissítés: 2020. november 10.
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