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Parliamentary questions
PDF 46kWORD 10k
19 June 2020
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 138
Pierre Karleskind (Renew), Jan-Christoph Oetjen (Renew), Catherine Chabaud (Renew), Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (Renew), Laurence Farreng (Renew), Christophe Grudler (Renew), Pascal Durand (Renew), Stéphanie Yon-Courtin (Renew), Chrysoula Zacharopoulou (Renew), Nathalie Loiseau (Renew), Sylvie Brunet (Renew), Stéphane Bijoux (Renew), Marie-Pierre Vedrenne (Renew), Dominique Riquet (Renew), Frédérique Ries (Renew), Olivier Chastel (Renew), Ilana Cicurel (Renew), Irène Tolleret (Renew), Valérie Hayer (Renew), Fabienne Keller (Renew), Gilles Boyer (Renew), Viktor Uspaskich (Renew), Sandro Gozi (Renew)
 Subject: Renewable forms of maritime energy

The future strategy on renewable forms of energy at sea must enable the objectives of the Green Deal to be attained, must contribute to Europe’s economic recovery and must, ultimately, place the maritime sector at the centre of Europe’s ambitions. The development of tidal stream energy, wave power, thermal energy from the seas and offshore wind is in line with Europe’s objectives. These technologies make it possible to achieve a fair transition, offering new opportunities for growth and jobs in Europe, particularly in the outermost regions and on all islands, where they can contribute to the quest to achieve energy self-sufficiency. They will also contribute to rendering Europe’s energy system fully carbon-neutral, in that they are capable of producing green hydrogen. These sectors will form the basis of a new European industry, one which is competitive internationally. Although European developers are currently at the forefront in the sector, competition from overseas is on the rise. Many jobs are at stake and new jobs will be created on the continent that is first to ensure industrial production.

What steps does the Commission plan on taking to speed up the development of renewable forms of marine energy? What type of funding will the Commission put in place before the end of its mandate to ensure the implementation of pilot farms?

Original language of question: FR
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