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Parliamentary questions
PDF 45kWORD 10k
16 July 2020
Question for written answer
to the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Rule 138
Thierry Mariani (ID)
 Subject: The nature of support by the EU institutions for Egypt as it combats Islamic terrorism

Egypt is in the forefront of the fight against Islamic terrorism in several parts of its territory: in Middle and Upper Egypt, in the Sinai or even on its borders with Libya. Egypt’s President Al-Sissi regularly voices his concerns over the machinations of the Qatari-Turkish alliance on his borders.

Parliament has spoken out several times in condemnation of Ankara’s actions in the Mediterranean. Speaking at the Élysée Palace on 22 June 2020, Emmanuel Macron said: ‘I consider that Turkey is playing a dangerous game in Libya today and going against all of its commitments made at the Berlin conference (1) .’ This statement came shortly after provocation of the French Navy by Turkish vessels in the Mediterranean. Moreover the European Union warned Turkey in May 2020 to stop issuing threats and behaving in a way that damages good neighbourly relations, and called on it instead to respect international law and the law of the sea in particular (2) .

1. Can the Vice-President / High Representative describe the amount and nature of the support Egypt receives from the EU institutions for its fight against Islamic terrorism?

2. Does the Vice-President / High Representative plan to intensify this cooperation in order to address Qatari-Turkish involvement in Libya?

3. Does the Vice-President / High Representative acknowledge that in combating terrorism on its soil, Egypt is contributing to Europe’s security?

(2)Original quote in English: ‘Turkey should avoid making threats and taking actions that damage good neighbourly relations. It should instead respect the international law, including the law of the sea.’ https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2020/05/15/statement-of-the-eu-foreign-ministers-on-the-situation-in-the-eastern-mediterranean/?utm_source=dsms-auto&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Statement+of+the+EU+Foreign+Ministers+on+the+situation+in+the+Eastern+Mediterranean
Original language of question: FR
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