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Parliamentary question - E-005044/2020Parliamentary question

Sexual crimes committed by migrants

Question for written answer E-005044/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Elżbieta Kruk (ECR)

As a result of its open door policy towards refugees, Europe was flooded by a wave of migrants, who came here mainly for economic reasons.

Countries that have received large numbers of migrants, such as Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom, are now seeing an increase in sexual crimes, including rape, against white women and girls.

Significantly, although the number of reports of such crimes is increasing, the number of convictions for them is falling. This is reducing women's sense of security and confidence in the justice system, and it represents of loss of the ability to obtain redress.

There is much to suggest that the reason for this is that the police, who are reasonably afraid of being accused of racism and 'Islamophobia', are discouraged from carrying out investigations involving migrants. As a result, these crimes are going almost unpunished.

For example, Sweden has the second-highest Muslim immigration rate and the second-highest sexual assault rate in Europe. It would be irresponsible to pretend that this is a coincidence.

In light of the foregoing:

Last updated: 1 October 2020
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