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Parliamentary question - E-005231/2020Parliamentary question

Introduction of equal pay for male and female football players who play in their national teams

Question for written answer E-005231/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Antonius Manders (PPE)

Since March 2020, the Brazilian Football Confederation has been paying professional male and female football players equally to play in the national teams.

While I am aware that employers can pay different salaries to their employees and that it might be problematic for governments to interfere, as this is a feature of a liberal market economy, making a political statement is necessary to help tackle the gender pay gap and defend principles such as non-discrimination in the EU.

The professional sports sector is one of the most influential sectors and can set the right example by closing the gender pay gap. It is not right that in EU countries professional female football players playing in national teams are still paid only a fraction of their male counterparts’ salaries. This is a discriminatory practice. It shows a lack of respect for professional female football players who represent their countries with the same honour and effort as male players.

Last updated: 11 October 2020
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