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Parliamentary questions
PDF 39kWORD 17k
25 January 2021
Answer given by Ms Johansson
on behalf of the European Commission
Question reference: E-005793/2020

The Commission services are aware of projects in a number of Member States for which EU funding is used to support activities that include the purchase of drones and other unmanned systems, in particular via the national programmes of the Internal Security Fund (ISF), implemented under shared management.

The abovementioned equipment is purchased by Member States with the aim of carrying out surveillance of the external maritime and land borders of the EU, as well as for security purposes, such as preventing and fighting terrorism and organised crime.

The total EU contribution committed by Member States to date for these projects including the procurement of unmanned vehicles(1) amounts to approximately EUR 15.8 million under the Borders and Visa component of the ISF and approximately EUR 7.5 million under the Police component of the same Fund.

Information on projects funded under the abovementioned programmes is available on the following websites:

— Bulgaria: https://www.mvr.bg/dmp/en/activities/funds/internal-security-fund

— Estonia: www.sisejulgeolekufond.ee

— France: https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/fr/Publications/Fonds-europeen-pour-la-securite-interieure/Projets-co-finances-par-le-FSI-POLICE-pour-la-periode-2014-2020

— Germany: www.innerersicherheitsfonds.de

— Greece: https://www.amifisf.gr/

— Italy: https://fondosicurezzainterna.interno.gov.it/

— Lithuania: http://isf.lt/lt

— Malta: https://eufundsmalta.gov.mt/content/internal-security-fund-isf-2014-2020

— Poland: http://fundusze.mswia.gov.pl/uee/funds/implemented/internal-security-fund-1/12229,Internal-Security-Fund-Instrument-for-financial-support-for-police-cooperation-p.html

The Commission does not have information on the manufacturers that are providing these systems.

The use of this kind of equipment contributes to strengthening the capacity of national authorities to help save lives in the Central Mediterranean and to monitor and prevent other incidents from occurring.

(1)The financed projects may include other kinds of equipment than unmanned vehicles, or ancillary activities, such as training. The Commission does not receive information on the breakdown of these costs, unless required in the context of monitoring or controls/audits.
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