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Parliamentary questions
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27 October 2020
Question for written answer E-005863/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Alex Agius Saliba (S&D), Alexis Georgoulis (GUE/NGL), Brando Benifei (S&D), Chiara Gemma (NI), Kateřina Konečná (GUE/NGL), Milan Brglez (S&D), Josianne Cutajar (S&D), Ivan Štefanec (PPE), Chrysoula Zacharopoulou (Renew), Ádám Kósa (PPE), Atidzhe Alieva-Veli (Renew), Loucas Fourlas (PPE), José Gusmão (GUE/NGL), Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL), Isabel Carvalhais (S&D), Dragoș Pîslaru (Renew), Tanja Fajon (S&D), Rosa Estaràs Ferragut (PPE), Pascal Durand (Renew), Kim Van Sparrentak (Verts/ALE), Jarosław Duda (PPE), Cristina Maestre Martín De Almagro (S&D), Samira Rafaela (Renew), Katrin Langensiepen (Verts/ALE), Younous Omarjee (GUE/NGL), Eva Kaili (S&D), Maite Pagazaurtundúa (Renew), Ibán García Del Blanco (S&D), Cindy Franssen (PPE), Benoît Lutgen (PPE), Estrella Durá Ferrandis (S&D), Mónica Silvana González (S&D), Alicia Homs Ginel (S&D), Maria Walsh (PPE), Radka Maxová (Renew)
 Answer in writing 
 Subject: Creation of an EU access board

Now that the European Accessibility Act has been adopted, it is important to ensure that all the Member States fully implement all accessibility-related legislation and continuously monitor the consumer rights of persons with disabilities and those with functional limitations, such as older people.

An EU access board would give EU institutions, policymakers and Member States specialist information on accessibility, including policy recommendations based on scientific evidence and on input from the most affected groups, such as persons with disabilities and older people. The board could also be in charge of developing technical specifications on accessibility in support of specific EU policies and legislation, carrying out consultations with rights-holders and stakeholders, helping Member States and EU institutions to implement accessibility in a harmonised way for the benefit of the single market, and raising awareness of the importance of accessibility for inclusive societies.

Can the Commission explain its position on the creation of an EU access board designed to monitor the implementation of EU accessibility legislation and ensure equal access to goods and services for all citizens and consumers, something which is particularly crucial for persons with disabilities and older people?

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