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Parliamentary questions
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24 November 2020
Question for written answer  E-006397/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Anne Sander (PPE), Franc Bogovič (PPE), Juan Ignacio Zoido Álvarez (PPE), Daniel Buda (PPE), Simone Schmiedtbauer (PPE), Balázs Hidvéghi (PPE), Annie Schreijer-Pierik (PPE), Michaela Šojdrová (PPE), Riho Terras (PPE), Irène Tolleret (Renew), Jérémy Decerle (Renew), Ulrike Müller (Renew), Petri Sarvamaa (PPE), Salvatore De Meo (PPE), Norbert Lins (PPE), Marlene Mortler (PPE), Dan-Ştefan Motreanu (PPE)
 Answer in writing 
 Subject: Impact assessment of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies

In May 2020, the Commission published its Farm to Fork (F2F) and Biodiversity strategies, which include ambitious targets to be reached by 2030 (the setting aside of 10 % of agricultural land; a 20 % reduction in chemical fertilisers; a 50 % reduction in chemical pesticides; a 25 % share of organic production; the planting of 3 billion trees; a 50 % reduction in antimicrobials for livestock). The Commission has yet to publish an impact assessment.

In its impact assessment of the 2030 Climate Target Plan, the Commission refers to a modelling exercise providing ‘a quantitative assessment of the effects’, but gives no further details on the results. Furthermore, the study is not available to the public.

1. When does the Commission intend to publish the impact assessment of its F2F and Biodiversity strategies?

2. Will the impact assessment of the F2F and Biodiversity strategies be comprehensive of all the targets envisaged in the two strategies? Will it evaluate the impact of each target individually?

3. In the light of the results of the impact assessment relating to EU agricultural production and food security, farmers’ incomes, prices and imports/exports, does the Commission intend to review the targets of the two strategies if they prove unsustainable for (or particularly affect) the EU agricultural economy?

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