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Parliamentary question - E-006866/2020Parliamentary question

    Lab-grown chicken meat

    Question for written answer  E-006866/2020
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Angelo Ciocca (ID)

    The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has given the go-ahead for the marketing of chicken meat produced in a laboratory, i.e. without the need to slaughter any birds. Singapore has approved chicken nuggets produced by the American company ‘Eat Just’, making it the first country to authorise sales of cultured meat. It aims to meet 30% of domestic food needs in this way by 2030.

    Creating a regime more conducive to exports of EU meat to Singapore, in line with international standards, was one of the key elements of the free trade agreement concluded between the two countries, which entered into force on 21 November 2019. Little more than a year later, the SFA’s decision suggests that Singapore is actually trying to tip the trade balance with the EU in its favour and is looking for ways to get around the agreement.

    The EU currently has an annual trade surplus of some EUR 50 billion with Singapore and the SFA is becoming a testing centre for synthetic foods made from algae and insects as alternatives to animal products. The damage that the possible proliferation of lab-grown meat would cause the entire sector must also be considered.

    In the light of the above, how does the Commission intend to respond to the steps taken by the Singapore Government?

    Last updated: 5 January 2021
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