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Parliamentary question - E-006906/2020Parliamentary question

Wolf population: monitoring, conservation status and species protection aspects

Question for written answer  E-006906/2020
to the Commission
Rule 138
Marlene Mortler (PPE), Lena Düpont (PPE), Christine Schneider (PPE), Norbert Lins (PPE), Peter Jahr (PPE), Jens Gieseke (PPE)

The wolf population is monitored by each Member State individually. This monitoring and ultimately also the assessment of conservation status fail to take account of the fact that wolves move across borders. To determine the conservation status of Europe’s wolf population in a realistic manner, pan-European monitoring and a pan-European assessment of favourable conservation status are needed. Furthermore, the implementation of the objective – stemming from the ‘Farm to Fork’ and Biodiversity Strategies – of using 25% of total farmland for organic farming by 2030 will inevitably lead to the expansion of grazing, which will further increase the extent of the areas to be protected.

Last updated: 4 January 2021
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