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Parliamentary question - E-000190/2021Parliamentary question

The geopolitical implications of vaccine diplomacy of other countries

Question for written answer  E-000190/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Hilde Vautmans (Renew)

The EU should not underestimate the long-term geopolitical implications of vaccine diplomacy of countries such as China and Russia. Vaccine diplomacy is a powerful tool that countries use to expand their soft power throughout the world. While the EU has openly rejected vaccine nationalism and has contributed to global initiatives, such as the COVID-19 vaccines global access (COVAX) facility, most of the vaccines developed in the EU and the US are currently distributed in the EU and the US. At the same time, Russia and China are actively campaigning to distribute their vaccine in other parts of the world.

While it is in the interest of the EU to ensure fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines around the world, the absence of a united EU strategy gives other countries the opportunity to have more influence globally and to shape their image as a benevolent power.

Last updated: 27 January 2021
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