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Parliamentary question - E-000577/2021(ASW)Parliamentary question

Answer given by Ms Kyriakides on behalf of the European Commission

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan sets ambitious objectives for tackling lifestyle related risk factors, including tobacco use — the leading preventable cause of cancer. It will put forward actions from 2021 to help create a ‘Tobacco-Free Generation’ including review of the Tobacco Products Directive[1] to make product regulation stricter.

The directive prohibits the placing on the market of tobacco for oral use in the Union with the exception of Sweden.

It is undisputed that tobacco for oral use is addictive and has adverse health effects, including cancers. In 2008, the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks confirmed the negative health effects of snus and other types of smokeless tobacco in its Opinion[2].

The Commission shall continue to pursue the evidence-based approach and in particular, in matters of public health, adhere to the highest standard of protection when it comes to tobacco and tobacco related products.

Last updated: 3 May 2021
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