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Parliamentary question - E-000821/2021Parliamentary question

Questions about and appeal for Pakistani couple Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar, both of whom have been unjustly sentenced to death

Question for written answer  E-000821/2021
to the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Rule 138
Peter van Dalen (PPE), Bert-Jan Ruissen (ECR), Joachim Kuhs (ID)

Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar, a Pakistani couple, have been sentenced to death by a court in Pakistan on false charges. They are accused of violating the country’s blasphemy laws. Their appeal at a higher court has been postponed several times, and they are meanwhile being held in prison.


Last updated: 1 March 2021
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