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Parliamentary question - E-002064/2021Parliamentary question

    Commission help to Member States for consumer awareness raising and the training of officials on the illegal pet trade

    Question for written answer  E-002064/2021
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Manuela Ripa (Verts/ALE)

    The development of e-commerce has led to a spectacular increase in the illegal pet trade. Online platforms and social media allowing unverified advertisements substantially contribute to the very lucrative smuggling of companion animals. Even when legal, online pet sales remain unregulated and pose serious risks to the welfare of animals, public health and consumers’ rights, and affect the EU internal market through lost taxes and unfair competition.

    The ‘EU Coordinated Control Plan on online sales of dogs and cats’ by the Commission revealed that many of the animals traded are too young, unhealthy or not vaccinated. Transported for long journeys, new-born puppies and kittens suffer from heat or cold, thirst and stress, and are at high risk of transmissible diseases. Those that survive often become poorly socialised and unmanageable, leading to abandonment. Technical difficulties to control the online market were also detected.

    Last updated: 3 May 2021
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