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19 April 2021
Question for written answer  E-002109/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Ivan Štefanec (PPE), Maria da Graça Carvalho (PPE), Jens Gieseke (PPE), Stelios Kympouropoulos (PPE), Ljudmila Novak (PPE), Romana Tomc (PPE), Pernille Weiss (PPE), Loucas Fourlas (PPE), Marek Paweł Balt (S&D), Gheorghe Falcă (PPE)
 Subject: ECIPES27 – proposal to develop and implement a pilot programme for direct support from the Commission

These are the key elements of the ECIPES27 (European Cohesion by Individual, Public and Entrepreneurs Support for the EU‑27) proposal to develop and implement a pilot programme for direct support from the Commission via direct electronic signature:

1. 35 million families (17 % of the EU population) would like to replace their electrical appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, televisions) with A+++ items in order to make savings. A one-off grant of EUR 200 per person/family would be made available, subject to the used appliances being surrendered.

2. 45 000 municipalities (50 % of all EU municipalities) would carry out smart‑eco EU projects based on best practices using EUR 50 000 grants.

3. One million young people (aged 18-25) would have the opportunity to launch an eco‑enterprise using an EU grant of EUR 15 000 for services or EUR 25 000 for production.

All these initiatives are in line with EU objectives related to the circular economy, the ecological transition and the digital transition(1)(2)(3). Could the Commission form a working group to develop this programme, with the involvement of Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, business associations and the authors of the ECIPES27 proposal?

ECIPES27 could connect the European Green Deal to our living spaces, in line with new Bauhaus Initiative. Could it be launched before 2023, given that the ECIPES concept has already been developed?

Could ECIPES27 be a flagship initiative for EU cohesion?

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