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Parliamentary question - E-002561/2021Parliamentary question

Strengthening traditional seed systems, a potential solution for developing local agriculture

Question for written answer  E-002561/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Daniel Buda (PPE)

The Eco Ruralis association is highlighting the importance of recognising farmers as traditional seed producers. Peasant farmers’ seed systems may provide a solution to the climate crisis and be a means of truly developing the local economy.

46% of the Romanian population live in rural areas, with millions of people working in agriculture and, unfortunately, living on the poverty line. Traditional seeds are the bedrock of peasant farming, along with the farmers’ rights to cultivate, multiply, exchange and sell. Old traditional seeds are a precious heritage resource that Eco Ruralis is continually conserving and renewing. Because of their acquired resistance to certain diseases and pests, traditional varieties do not need chemical treatment. The majority of seed produce is destined for export, especially in eastern Europe.

What instruments does the Commission have for strengthening traditional seed systems at EU level?

Last updated: 28 May 2021
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