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19 May 2021
Question for written answer  E-002714/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Tiemo Wölken (S&D), Carlos Zorrinho (S&D), Grace O'Sullivan (Verts/ALE), Delara Burkhardt (S&D), Dietmar Köster (S&D), Simona Bonafè (S&D), Ibán García Del Blanco (S&D), Jens Geier (S&D), Manuela Ripa (Verts/ALE), Marek Paweł Balt (S&D), Joachim Schuster (S&D), Petras Auštrevičius (Renew), Juozas Olekas (S&D), Jutta Paulus (Verts/ALE), Marie Toussaint (Verts/ALE), Cornelia Ernst (The Left), Ville Niinistö (Verts/ALE), Michèle Rivasi (Verts/ALE), Aurore Lalucq (S&D), Pascal Durand (Renew)
 Answer in writing 
 Subject: Safety of nuclear power installations

Against the backdrop of limited staff capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, several reports point to problems regarding the maintenance of nuclear power installations(1).

1. Has the Commission been informed in a systematic way about these pandemic-related problems – per Member State, per plant operator, per plant, per supervisory authority, per Technical Support Organisation (TSO) – and what information does the Commission have about the number of infections and deaths among employees in nuclear energy installations, and about quarantine rules in the respective national industries, and does the Commission see the need for more comprehensive public reporting from plant operators, supervisory authorities or TSOs?

2. What is the Commission’s assessment of the significant delays, changes and postponements of inspections and maintenance over the past year?

3. What knowledge does the Commission have of safety incidents during the pandemic which may be attributable to measures taken due to the pandemic (e.g. lack of supervision of subcontractors)?


(2)This question is supported by a Member other than the authors: Rosa D'Amato (Verts/ALE)
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