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Parliamentary question - E-003666/2021Parliamentary question

EU forest policy takeover by way of environmental regulation

Question for written answer  E-003666/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Charlie Weimers (ECR), Jessica Stegrud (ECR)

Despite a lack of provisions in the EU treaties for a common forest policy[1], the EU has gradually expanded its powers in this policy area since a 1999 Court of Justice of the European Union ruling recognised EU competence on environmental action in forests[2].

Previously, the EU sought to harmonise national forest policies by means of informational guidance, but has recently sought to expand its regulatory power by invoking environmental arguments as a justification for legislation in this policy area.

Commissioner Timmermans even claimed that ‘the EU has a range of competences that may relate to forests such as climate, environment, rural development’ and that ‘within these areas of shared EU competences, forests and forestry certainly do not fall exclusively within the competency of Member States’[3][4].

Considering that legal guidance by way of regulatory measures such as regulations and directives is not possible in forest policy without a specific legal basis in the treaties, can the Commission:

Last updated: 6 August 2021
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