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Parliamentary question - E-003712/2021Parliamentary question

Albania’s refusal to extradite Indian nationals

Question for written answer  E-003712/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Dominique Bilde (ID)

According to the ‘Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project’[1], in 2017, the brothers Nitin and Chetankumar Sandesara, who head up ‘some 340 companies’ worth ‘nearly USD 7 billion’, were accused in India of ‘cheating and criminal conspiracy’ on account of their Sterling Biotech Group having, according to the charges against them, ‘criminally acquired and laundered over USD 700 million’[2].

Even though Interpol had issued notices for four members of this family[3], some of them were apparently granted Albanian nationality in February 2018[4]. In at least one case, extradition from Albania was said to have been refused on the grounds of ‘serious [...] persecution’ because of their ‘strong Muslim [affiliations]’[5][6]. It seems one of the family’s members was granted asylum. The Sandesara were supposed to invest ‘over USD 33 million’ in construction projects in Albania.

In 2019, Nitin Sandesara was apparently appointed as an Albanian honorary consul to Nigeria, which refused to allow his extradition[7]. It seems the family worked there on gaining recognition for Kosovo[8].

Albania ratified the United Nations Convention of 15 November 2000 against Transnational Organised Crime. Will the Commission ask Albania for clarification on this case during talks on opening negotiations for its accession to the European Union?

Last updated: 9 August 2021
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