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Parliamentary question - E-004270/2021Parliamentary question

Foie gras

Question for written answer  E-004270/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Johan Van Overtveldt (ECR)

Producers and consumers should be given the option of choosing foie gras produced without force-feeding, an issue raised in questions for written answer E-000034-15, E-004421-16, E-006658-16 and E-005952-18, for example. In practice, however, this is rendered impossible by the EU specifying a high minimum liver weight as a condition for use of the ‘foie gras’ designation. To date, the Commission has failed to respond to our request that this condition be made more flexible.

A recent scientific report on ‘research into alternatives to the force-feeding of ducks for foie gras production’ by the Flemish Department of the Environment concludes: ‘While various avenues of research have been explored, no alternative to the force-feeding of ducks has been found that ensures sufficient liver fat accumulation for the production of foie gras. While the original purpose of the project was to resolve the problem by providing optimal feed, we have been unable to identify any major significant results from efforts in his area.’

In other words, it is necessary to reduce the minimum weight requirement.

Last updated: 24 September 2021
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