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Parliamentary question - E-004474/2021Parliamentary question

    EU Vaccines Strategy and the issue of the availability of medicines

    Question for written answer  E-004474/2021
    to the Commission
    Rule 138
    Bartosz Arłukowicz (PPE)

    According to data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control's Vaccine Registry, more than 70% of the EU’s adult population has received a full course of vaccination against COVID-19. No Member State alone has the capacity to invest in the development and production of a sufficient number of vaccines, so cooperation at EU level is essential.

    Given that the stocks and availability of medicines in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic remain a cause for concern, and in light of the European Parliament resolution of 17 September 2020 on the shortage of medicines and the EU Vaccines Strategy adopted by the Commission in June 2020:

    Last updated: 11 October 2021
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