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Parliamentary question - E-000811/2022Parliamentary question

Powerful warning in connection with the reporting of COVID-19 vaccination side-effects and the importance attached to the vaccination strategy relative to support for therapeutics

Question for written answer  E-000811/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Christine Anderson (ID)

A German health insurance fund has contacted the Paul Ehrlich Institute after data suggested that there is very significant under-reporting of suspected cases of COVID-19 vaccination side-effects[1]. The health insurance fund suspects that, in many instances, physicians fail to notify vaccine adverse events because no payment is made for reporting vaccine side-effects and the reporting process is very involved. Physicians have told the health insurance fund that reporting a suspected vaccine adverse event takes about half an hour. It can therefore be assumed that there are probably about three million suspected cases of vaccine side-effects.

In addition, the Commission has launched an EU Strategy on COVID‐19 Therapeutics[2] and, to date, has authorised seven COVID‐19 therapeutics and concluded three joint procurement contracts for the purchase of COVID-19 therapeutics. Support amounts to EUR 5 million (EU4Health), EUR 90 million (emergency work programme for health and infrastructures) and also covers research projects with a total value of EUR 119 million[3].

In terms of scale, this is in no way comparable with the billions in orders that the Commission is investing in its vaccination strategy.

Last updated: 7 March 2022
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