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Parliamentary question - E-000825/2022Parliamentary question

Unfolding of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the EU’s response

Question for written answer  E-000825/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Marco Zanni (ID), Anna Bonfrisco (ID), Valentino Grant (ID), Antonio Maria Rinaldi (ID)

After weeks of tension, Russia launched a large-scale military offensive against Ukraine at dawn on 24 February. The European Union, like its allies, immediately announced the imposition of sanctions in response.

While understanding the need for a strong and immediate response to the Russian Government’s serious violations, it should be remembered that Russia is the EU’s biggest supplier of energy sources such as oil, gas and solid fuel. The EU also imports large quantities of raw materials and products such as nickel, aluminium and fertilisers from Russia.

In light of the above:


Last updated: 9 March 2022
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