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Parliamentary question - E-000952/2022Parliamentary question

Stopping the promotion of Islam in Europe with EU support

Question for written answer  E-000952/2022
to the Council
Rule 138
Jean-Paul Garraud (ID)

Following the outrageous campaign, co-funded by the EU, to promote wearing of the hijab, the Council of Europe has just published a document on preventing and combating anti-Muslim racism and discrimination[1], which ultimately boils down to a tool to promote the development of Islam in Europe.

This document only addresses Islam in a positive light, without condemning its abuses, which are having a deep impact on Europe and Europeans. It contains sixty staggering recommendations, which include teaching the history of Islam in Europe, strengthening the political participation of Muslim communities and removing discriminatory legal or administrative obstacles to the building of Muslim places of worship in order to satisfy religious demands.

The Council of the European Union adopts the EU priorities regarding cooperation with the Council of Europe, which leads a broad range of joint programmes with the Commission. As such, the EU contributes to the funding of these programmes.

Last updated: 17 March 2022
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