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Parliamentary question - E-001155/2022Parliamentary question

Catalonia's waste disposal charge, an exemplary case of environmental taxation

Question for written answer  E-001155/2022
to the Commission
Rule 138
Jordi Solé (Verts/ALE), Diana Riba i Giner (Verts/ALE), Ernest Urtasun (Verts/ALE)

The Spanish Senate is currently preparing a new Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil for a Circular Economy[1]. This bill transposes EU directives and would establish a homogenous nationwide waste disposal tax putting an end to the Catalan waste disposal charge.

This charge, which has been in place for 17 years and has widespread social and political support[2], has helped incentivise waste sorting in Catalonia and has brought the region closer to fulfilling EU recycling targets. The revenue from this charge, which amounted to EUR 82 million in 2020, is reinvested and used to improve Catalonia's waste treatment process and facilities. Since the charge was introduced, recycling rates in Catalonia have surged from 25% in 2006 to almost 46% in 2020.

In contrast to the tax proposed by the new law, the Catalan charge is progressive and purpose-driven, and includes a system for governing the sector. Removing this charge would constitute a backwards step for recycling and reducing waste disposal, particularly in the local Catalan area. Taking the above into account:

Last updated: 29 March 2022
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