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Parliamentary question - E-001786/2022(ASW)Parliamentary question

    Answer given by Ms Simson on behalf of the European Commission

    The Commission welcomes and encourages initiatives taken by Member States and European companies contributing to the diversification of gas sources and routes of supply, since diversification is key for the security of gas supply.

    The REPowerEU[1] plan, that the Commission put forward on 18 May 2022, strongly emphasises that diversification is necessary to achieve the objective of phasing out the European dependency on Russian gas.

    In this context, the Commission and the Member States are reaching out to a number of partners, including Algeria, to step up energy cooperation. Algeria has a long track record as a reliable gas supplier to the EU.

    The current and expected increase in gas supply from Algeria is consistent with the objective of diversification of the sources and routes of gas supply to the EU.

    Last updated: 3 August 2022
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